For centuries, Master Distillers in Ireland have competed while creating the best whiskeys in the world. Five years ago, on a brisk and fateful evening in a small Dublin pub, a group of whiskey makers were passionately debating how traditional Irish whiskey could better appeal to the next generation of Irish whiskey lovers.

Of course, being whiskey lovers themselves (exceptionally so that particular night), they dared each other to create a new caliber of whiskey—something outside the conventional, stodgy norm. These sorts of things tend to escalate, which led to the ultimate dare of all: the formidable “Triple Dog Dare.” Undaunted, with glazed yet steely eyes, our Master Distiller took it.

The result is Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, an Irish spirit born of—and celebrating—daring individuality. Beyond the strong pedigree, its bold stance alone tells you this dog was bred to be different. But wait until you taste it. This deliciously unique and proprietary blend, with its front-end notes of creme brûlée and defined citrus finish, is sure to impress—from the old guard, to the most recent of whiskey enthusiasts.

As other legacy brands cling to the past, Triple Dog is ushering in the future and redefining what Irish whiskey can be. We encourage you to “Take the Dare” and enjoy a new breed of Irish spirit. You will not be disappointed.